Archbishop Myers Update

Some time ago, I went on a bit of a rant about Archbishop Myers in Newark.  Today, the Vatican appointed a co-adjutor bishop for the diocese.  To translate that from Catholic-speak, the Vatican appointed a bishop who (1) is guaranteed to take over for Myers when he leaves, and (2) has significant (though not total) authority to do things on behalf of the diocese (as opposed to an auxiliary bishop, who basically works for the main bishop). 

Myers is 72, so he technically does not have to give his resignation for another 3 years.  Nevertheless, with this move the Vatican turned Meyers into a lame duck.  This basically pull the rug out from underneath him, as appointment of a co-adjutor is unusual and, as the article says, is a sign that the bishop "needs significant help in his ministry."  It's hard not to see this as a rebuke.  Is it a rebuke for his handling of sex abuse claims?  Impossible to know, but it sounds likely.

Anyway, more good news coming out of Rome.  The Pope Francis effect rolls onward.


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