And Now for Something Completely Different

The original idea behind restarting this blog was to talk about a bunch of stuff, not simply things related to religion.  So far, all of the content has had something to do with religion, so I would like to broaden things up a little bit.  Since it's Friday, I figured it's also time to lighten the mood a bit.  Thus, the first of our Friday Fun posts.  The topic (until I get tired of it)?  Classic music videos of the 80s and 90s, and how weird many of them were.

We'll start with one of my favorites--Heaven is a Place on Earth by Belinda Carlisle (1987).

I love this video, because the process of its creation is so transparent.  I am pretty sure it went down something like this:

Producer:  All right everyone, we need to make a video for the new Belinda Carlisle single.  Ideas?
Director:  I have a vision for this video.  Since the song is entitled "Heaven is a Place on Earth," I want to make a statement about how children are the future, so I want them to be carrying around globes to make that point blinding obvious and literal.  Oh, and I want the kids to wear creepy masks.  Because, why not?
Producer: Hmm.
A&R Guy:  You know, Belinda Carlisle is really, really attractive.  Why don't we have her just move around in a loose sweater looking hot?
Producer:  Let's do both!

Needless to say, the video is entirely incoherent.  But, I appreciate the video because it kind of embodies the excess of the 80s.  Why have one concept for a video when you can have two entirely different concepts?  More is always better, right?

Plus, Belinda Carlisle looks really, really hot in this video.


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