New Project

I've been trying in various ways since starting this blog to broaden the focus, away from simply talking about religion.  It's not that I don't enjoy writing on the topic--my post count proves that--but it is not the only thing I want to write about.

In that spirit, I've decided to branch out a bit and write about games--primarily tabletop RPGs, but also video games and board games on occasion.  My idea is to write pieces that are somewhere in between a review and an essay, each covering a different game or some news in the world of games.

Because this is a pretty radically different topic from the material covered in this space, I've decided to create a separate blog with a separate URL for this game-related material--that way, if you have no interest in this topic whatsoever, you can easily avoid it (and, visa versa).  For now, the new blog is called "Play to See What Happens" and it will be located at  There is only a placeholder there now, but I hope to have some material up in the next few weeks.  I don't anticipate posting to the new blog as frequently as I post here, but we will . . . see what happens.

This is as good a space as any to also thank everyone who reads this blog for their support and encouragement.  Special thanks to my twitter cheering section--@retrochbabe (Maureen Clarke), @frankstrong, @domirigaray (Dominique Iragaray), @wdlindsy (Bill Lindsey), and @PhilMuses.  You folks are the best.


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