Friday Fun--"Bop 'Til You Drop"

Would you be interested in a mid-80s Rick Springfield video directed by David Fincher?  Of course you would.

It needs to be said up front--this song is beyond terrible.  The video, however, is predictably fascinating.  Here's what I really want to know--did Fincher have this concept primed and ready to go before he was approached about doing a Rick Springfield video?  In other words, did he come up with the idea of a musician leading a revolt of human slaves against their lizard masters on some distant planet, and then waited around until someone approached him with enough money to actually make the video?

It kind of has to be that, because I cannot fathom how Fincher listened to this song and came up with this concept.  I suppose the line "gotta keep working day and night" could lead to the idea of slaves, but where did the lizard aliens come from?  It had to be something Fincher had in the can.

It's worth pointing out how ridiculous the special effects look here.  Was there ever a point where people watched the animatronic lizard guy and say "yeah, that was well done"?  I know music videos don't have enormous budgets, but clearly they sunk some cash into this video.  I'm just curious what Fincher thought when he saw the cut for the first time.


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